Be Our Guest – MK

Going to this restaurant was my dream as soon as they announced it. We had a very large party so we could only get reservations for breakfast but I didn’t care because I just wanted to see inside!

**During breakfast/lunch it is quick service — during dinner its table service with character interaction (The Beast)**

Reservations are VERY important for this restaurant as it books up almost right away.

The castle was everything I dreamed it would be with different rooms with different themes based off of Beauty and the Beast movie.

The only disappointment was the food. I ordered Gastons breakfast and the portions were very small which I found weird since Gaston eats 4 dozen eggs for breakfast.

The pastries for dessert though were very good. Especially the apple one and if you ask for more of those they will bring them. During breakfast/Lunch there are no characters which was fine for us because we really just wanted to look around and take in the beautiful Disney work.

If you have a Beauty and The Beast lover in the family like we do this is a must stop in the Magic Kingdom.

I actually recommend doing it for the quick service meal (breakfast/lunch) because you still get to see the inside but only miss out on the beast. Our little girl only wanted to see Belle and Gaston anyways which you can meet in the Magic Kingdom/Epcot.

Please keep in mind you must have reservations to see the inside of Belle’s castle.

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Value for breakfast/Lunch: 4/5

Food: 2/5

Experience: 5/5 (For any Beauty and The Beast lover)

Favourite Quote from mini Humans : Looking at the enchanted rose “Do you think the beast is going to be angry we are in the west wing?”


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